Cats who play fetch

What kind of cats play fetch?

All cats can play fetch – if you teach them how! Studies show cats love playing fetch as much as dogs do, but you need to adapt it a little bit for your feline friend. Instead of a big tennis ball, use something smaller for your cat to carry around.

Keep in mind certain breeds are more social and open to games than others, though. All cats will have fun playing catch – but the ones who will engage the most in playing will be the Abyssinian cat, the Siamese cat, and the Burmese cat, among others.

Is it rare for a cat to play fetch?

It’s not rare for cats to play fetch, not at all! In fact, cats need as much mental and physical stimulation through play as dogs do. Fetch is one of the many ways you have to interact and play with your cat.

Yes, cats do have a bad reputation when it comes to playing – or, at least, they have a bad one compared to dogs. But cats are as happy-go-lucky as dogs are! They love to play – but they love to do it at their own pace, though.

Once you get to know your cat and understand its playing habits, you’ll have tons of fun playing together!

What is fun for a cat?

Cats love to roam around the place and investigate every hiding spot there is. They also love to interact with other pets or humans. Even though they cannot understand us, cats love to hear us talk to them. Going out for a walk is also an unorthodox but cool option.

Scratching poles and climbing structures are also great for cats to have fun. It’s not hard to entertain a cat, all you need to do is to keep the cat moving and making it interact with someone or something. Games are also a great option!

What games do cats like to play?

There are many games you can play your cat. Fetch, hide-and-seek, hunting the prey, and playing with toys are all great ideas you can use. Try different stuff and see what your cat loves most!

  • Fetch: You already know this one. Throw something that your cat can carry around its mouth and teach the cat to bring it back to you. It’s a great exercise for both of you!
  • Hide and Seek: Simply look for a place to hide and wait until your cat comes looking for you. If you don’t know how to make your cat engage with the game, simply call its name and wait for it!
  • Hunting the prey: Move around your cat and wait until he gets close to you, and then move to another spot. This will make your cat exercise its predatory behaviors – but it won’t hurt you!
  • Toys: Toys are always great for cats. Fluffy toys, squeaky toys, and any other are always fun things for cats.

Playing games with is good for your cat’s health. You should try to play for a little while every day with your cat!

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