Can Sphynx cats wear collars?

Can Sphynx cats wear collars?

Sphynx cats and similar hairless cat breeds shouldn’t wear collars around their neck. Most collars will irritate their skin, so it’s better for them to not wear anything at all. You can always micro-chip your Sphynx cat if you’re worried about keeping track of it.

Collars are not a problem for Sphynx cats alone. Truth be told, collars have pros and cons, but they definitely have more sticking points than advantages. Sure, collars are cute – but are they worth it?

For outdoor cats, a collar is a must; for indoor cats, not so much. Bear in mind your average Sphynx cat is not that much of a fan of going outside. That may be reason enough to think about skipping the collar, at least for your Sphynx cat.

Why are collars bad for Sphynx cats?

It’s not hard to understand why a Sphynx cat would have trouble after wearing a collar, even for a short period of time. Their lack of fur makes their skin extra sensitive – and rather unfit for collar use.

Even though Sphynx cats are a medium-sized breed, their neck lacks a little bit of girth. Collars often do not fit right in their necks – and that could mean trouble! Loose collars tend to get stuck on stuff around the house or outside. This can turn a cute collar into a dangerous choking hazard.

Collars that do not fit right can also lead to skin irritation because of friction. Problems like these can turn your cat into one moody animal really fast! And, believe me, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of an angry paw.

Does this mean your Sphynx cat should never wear a collar? Well, kind of. Your little friend will be better off with a naked neck – but, sometimes, a collar is necessary. Especially if you let your cat roam around outdoors.

What are collar alternatives that a Sphynx cat can use?

You have different collar alternatives available for your Sphynx cat depending on its needs. Microchipping your cat is always better than putting a GPS in a collar; using a harness is better than a collar for going outside; a naked neck is always great as well!

  • Microchipping: This is the better option for tracking purposes. A microchip won’t get lost, won’t get damaged, and won’t be easily removed. They are not as expensive as people usually think. And most vets will help you out if you need one for your cat.

  • Harness: This option is great for an outdoor adventure. It won’t choke your cat, won’t irritate its skin, and will be more comfortable than any other alternative. It also allows you to control your cat without putting unnecessary pressure on its neck.

  • Nothing at all: The perfect option for your Sphynx cat! Don’t make your little furry friend wear anything at all if they don’t need it. Let their hairless skin shine – and don’t try to hide it from others!

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