How to bathe a Sphynx cat?

How to bathe a Sphynx cat?

Bathing a Sphynx cat is not as hard as some might think. You’ll learn all about it in this article. Before we explain in full detail, here is a brief summary of all required steps:

  1. Fill your sink or bathtub with water (but not above your cat’s stomach)
  2. Make sure the water temperature is pleasant (warm but not too hot)
  3. Place your Sphynx cat gently but firmly into the water
  4. Wash your Sphynx cat’s body with a wet cloth
  5. Shampoo your Sphynx cat’s body with your hands
  6. Scrub your Sphynx from the neck down using an exfoliating glove
  7. Clean your cat’s face with a cotton ball (avoid shampoo or soapy water)
  8. Clean your Sphynx feet and claws carefully (use soapy water)
  9. Rinse your Sphynx cat by pouring several cups of water
  10. Dry your Sphynx cat with a regular towel
  11. Apply any medicine, balm, or lotion to your Sphynx (if needed)

If you’re eager to learn more about this subject, read down below, as we provide even deeper insights on how to bathe your Sphynx cat!

Prep time

Before you bring your cat into the bathroom, you need to get everything in place. Don’t worry, it’s not that much!

First things first, turn off the TV and play soothing music.

Second, get your bathing tools ready. The cat-friendly shampoo, the exfoliating gloves, a couple of towels, a washcloth, a cup or two, and cotton balls. Don’t put toys in the bathtub, you want a calm cat, not an excited one.

When everything is in place, start filling the sink (or bathtub) with water. The water should cover your cat’s stomach and nothing over that; its temperature should be between 70 and 90 F (21-32 C), preferably at 80 F (26 C).

Put one of the towels on the sink’s floor. That way, your cat won’t slip.

Gently place your cat in the water

Go grab your cat. Place it gently into the water. Do it in this order: back feet, front feet, lower body, and, finally, the front of its body.

Your cat may fight or struggle against it. This is completely normal. Hold your cat down both firmly and gently – but without pushing it down. If you decide to talk, your voice should be completely neutral, not apologetic nor aggressive.

Wait until your cat is calm

This may take a while. Hold your cat down using one hand. Remember to be firm but gentle. Wait it out.

This step is critical. You will train your cat to paw and claw its way out of the bath if you decide to give up now. If it helps, keep in mind you’re helping your cat. Your Sphynx cat needs to take this bath!

Once the cat is calm (or at least, stopped struggling), proceed.

First, wash your cat’s body with a wet cloth

The real work begins. Grab a washcloth and wet it with warm water. Use it to wash your cat’s body – but not its head! Every now and then, grab a cup of water and pour it over its body. Once again, avoid the head.

Go from the neck down. You can do it like this: neck, upper back, and the sides. Never mind the lower part of the body, being submerged in water is good enough for now.

Second, apply the shampoo and use an exfoliating glove

Apply the shampoo using your hands. Make sure you cover your cat’s body from the neck down. Don’t put shampoo on your cat’s head.

Then, grab an exfoliating glove or a sponge and start scrubbing your cat. Don’t do this as if you were doing the dishes! Use short strokes around your cat’s body. Try to imitate the way a cat washes its kittens.

Keep in mind you’ll have to stretch your cat’s flaps and go between the wrinkles. Taking care of the tail is important too.

Third, take care of your cat’s feet and face

Switch the exfoliating glove for a little cotton ball. Clean your cat’s face and go around the eyes too. Sphynx cats have no eyelashes, so they need an extra hand to keep everything clean up there. Don’t use shampoo or soapy water for this part!

When you’re done with its eyes, move down to its feet. Gently grab each paw and use a little pressure to make the claws come out. Use soapy water to remove dirt. Be twice as careful for this part.

Fourth, rinse your cat

Using multiple cups of water, rinse your cat. Pour it over its neck and body. You can add a little warm water if things are getting cold in the sink.

You’re almost done!

Fifth, dry your cat

Wrap a towel around your cat and remove it from the sink. Bonus points for using a towel warmer, but it isn’t necessary.

You shouldn’t take too much time doing this. Your cat is pretty much done at this stage. The faster you go, the better. Check and double-check that your cat is dry, though.

Sixth, apply any medicine, balms, or lotions

Now it’s a good time to clean your cat’s ears. Use a piece of cloth to do so. This is extremely important! Sphynx cats tend to develop ear infections.

Apply any ear medicine, balm, or lotions at this step. Then, remove the towel.

The bath is over! Congratulations!

Your cat probably hates you a little bit now. You can try to bribe it with a treat or two. After that, let your cat have some space. Eventually, it’ll come back for pets (and more treats).

Do you have to bathe Sphynx cats?

Bathing your Sphynx cat is a must. Unfortunately, hairless cats tend to get more oily and dirty than their hairy peers. A bath every once in a while is necessary to prevent oil and sweat buildup, something that wouldn’t be an issue if the Sphynx cat had fur.

Look at the bright side: you don’t have to brush a Sphynx cat! On the other hand, bathing it can get a little tricky. Don’t worry too much about it, though. Once you get the hang of it, bathing your cat is a 15-minute ordeal.

How often should you bathe a Sphynx cat?

How often you bathe your Sphynx cat will depend on your cat’s needs. Certain Sphynx cats need to take a bath once every week; others, once a month. You will probably need to bathe your cat more often during summer.

Your average Sphynx cat will need to take a bath once every 10 to 15 days during the summer, once per month during the winter.

You have to bathe your Sphynx cat because of how much sweat and oil it secretes through its skin. If your cat is rather oily, you’ll have to bathe it more often than usual. Otherwise, you can probably maintain a clean, healthy cat with an average amount of baths.

What do I need to bathe a Sphynx cat?

You don’t need much to bathe a Sphynx cat. Water is a must, obviously. Two or three towels, a couple of wet cloths, an exfoliating glove or sponge, cat-friendly shampoo, a few cotton balls, and a little bit of patience.

There’s a reason for every item, so don’t forget about anything there.

For example, you may think cotton balls are not necessary – but that couldn’t be furthest from the truth! Sphynx cats are prone to ear infections. Using cotton balls to clean the inner side of your cat’s ear is absolutely necessary.

The patience part is not a joke either. You definitely need patience to do this. At least until your cat gets used to taking baths. Everything else is self-explanatory.

Do Sphynx cats like baths?

Most cats hate baths – but not all Sphynx cats are wired that way! Plenty of hairless cats develop a taste for baths and water. The younger you develop a bath routine for your Sphynx cat, the more it’ll like to take a bath.

You should bathe your Sphynx cat as soon as possible to ease it into the idea of taking baths without struggling. You can start bathing your cat when it’s 3 months old.

Make sure you clear it with your vet before you let the water run, though!

Be patient with your cat if it doesn’t like water. Even though they don’t know it, you’re doing your cat a favor. With enough time, your Sphynx cat may even grow to love bath time.

What should I do if my Sphynx cat becomes aggressive during its bath?

It is normal for a cat to get aggressive when you’re bathing it. You need to stay calm and remain firm. Your cat should not get to stop the bath – but you shouldn’t punish your cat either. Use a hand to hold your cat and wait it out.

You’re not supposed to push your cat down, though! You need to be firm and gentle at the same time. That way, your cat will stay in the water, but you won’t struggle to keep it down.

After a little bit, your cat will give up struggling – and that’s when the bath begins!

You should check with your vet or with an animal trainer if you can’t get your Sphynx cat to be calm while resting in the sink. Make sure everything is okay before you do: warm water, a calm environment, and no distractions.

Can Sphynx cats swim?

Plenty of Sphynx cats learn how to swim after being in the water for a while. That doesn’t mean you should fill the sink more than it’s necessary, though. Let your cat swim around for a while if it wants to, but don’t get too confident about it!

This cat breed is one of the few that can get to enjoy water. This is probably because of the many baths it has to take throughout its life.

No matter why, your Sphynx cat could end up being a proficient swimmer! Make sure you keep everything under control, though. Don’t let your cat swim unsupervised and under no circumstance let it jump into a swimming pool or similar.

Can you shower a Sphynx cat?

You should try to avoid using a showerhead when bathing a Sphynx cat. The water pressure could be a little too much for a cat to handle. You can try it out and see how your cat reacts, though. It’s always better to take the time to bathe a cat.

Bathing your cat allows you to be more thorough than showering it. You can try it out and see what results you get from using a shower.

Pay extra attention to how your cat reacts before deciding what to do. Other than that, you can use the shower head to rinse your cat, instead of using cups.

What is the best shampoo for Sphynx cats?

You should look for hypoallergenic shampoos or all-natural shampoos for your Sphynx cat. It’s okay to do online research – but always check with your vet before buying anything. And make sure you listen to his recommendations!

Here are a couple of our recommendations:

  • Espree for Kittens Shampoo: Highly rated, great for cats with skin rashes, made from all-natural ingredients. It has a scent similar to baby powder.
  • Burt’s Bees for Cats: Cheap, all-natural, and great for cats with sensitive skin. It does have a hard time dealing with strong odors, though.
  • Earthband All-Natural Pet Shampoo for Cats: All-natural, great smell, and perfect for sensitive skin. It’s a trusted brand.

Can you use baby shampoo on a Sphynx cat?

You can use the most gentle of baby shampoos to bathe your cat. Most baby shampoos are gentle enough and cat-friendly. You’ll probably have no issues there. Before you buy anything, make sure you clear it with your vet.

Some people put a little drop of baby shampoo in the sink water for the smell and then mix it up with a cat shampoo for the cat’s body. It’s a fantastic idea that’ll leave your cat smelling amazing.

Can you use baby wipes on a Sphynx cat?

Using baby wipes to clean a Sphynx cat is a somewhat good alternative for a bath. Keep in mind they are not a complete replacement for a normal bath, though. Wipes can get you out of a tough spot, but you still have to bathe your cat.

Let’s put it this way: you can use baby wipes to clean your Sphynx cat if it’s way too dirty after eating or something similar. You can also use them if your cat is having a bad day and you don’t want to make it worse with a bath.

Other than that, there’s not much use for baby wipes. You can’t keep using them forever. It’s always better to bathe your cat because there are certain places where wipes won’t help that much.

Do you need to dry a Sphynx cat after a bath?

You definitely need to dry a Sphynx cat after a bath. A wet hairless cat out and about will probably end up with chapped skin – and that’s no good! You also want to avoid other possible skin problems and, more importantly, your cat catching a cold.

Everyone knows you want to finish bathing your cat as quickly as possible – but that’s no reason to skip important steps! Drying your cat is a must.

Fortunately for both you and your cat (especially for your cat), the drying part doesn’t take that long. Wrap a towel around your cat and pat it dry. It takes a few minutes and you’re both done!

Can you dry a Sphynx cat with a hairdryer?

Avoid hair dryers when drying a Sphynx cat. Using one will terrify your cat because of the loud noise. It can also hurt its skin because the air eventually gets too hot for your cat to handle. Always use a warm towel for this part!

A towel gives your cat a much needed feeling of safety. You may not realize it, but your cat will end up terrified after a bath. Wrapping a towel around it will allow it to slowly come back to normalcy after it.

Using a hairdryer will only make things worse. Instead of calming it down, you’ll terrorize your cat twice as much. That’s not good!

A warm towel is ten times better than the scorching hot air that comes from a hairdryer.

Do Sphynx cats need lotion after bathing?

Your cat may or may not need lotion after taking a bath. You should check with your vet to be sure of that. Keep in mind most Sphynx cats would benefit from a little lotion and moisturizing after a bath – but it’s not a definitive thing.

Sphynx cats tend to have skin issues because they’re hairless. Fur coats are gorgeous, but their main use is for protection, not looks. A hairless cat has its skin out in the open – and that could lead to skin issues down the line. Lotion helps with that!

Make sure you talk with your vet to know whether your cat needs lotion or not, and what kind.

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