Can cats eat babybel cheese?

Can cats eat babybel cheese?

Babybel cheese is lactose-free, so it won’t bring the usual dairy-related troubles any other cheese would to a cat. On the other hand, your cat’s stomach might not be used to this kind of food, so it could bring some trouble anyways. It’s better not to risk it.

If you want to see if your cat can handle a little bit of babybel cheese, go ahead and then wait for a couple of days to see how it reacts. If nothing bad happens, then you can use it as a treat every now and then.

Keep in mind you can use babybel cheese that has no extra ingredients. You should avoid flavored cheese, cheese with onions in it, and similar stuff.

Can cats eat babybel cheese wax casing?

A cat shouldn’t eat babybel cheese wax casing, but nothing wrong would come out of it if that happens. The wax will probably go right through your cat and leave it without changing at all – and without causing any trouble inside your cat’s stomach.

Now, should you allow your cat to eat wax casings? Probably not. And, quite honestly, you can leave it on the floor – but your cat won’t touch it. Cats try new things from time to time – but eating wax is probably not one of those things.

Even if you only let your cat play with it and not eat it, the cat will probably end up making a mess!

If you had some babybel cheese and don’t know what to do with its wax casing, it’d be better if you throw it in the trash. If your cat wants to play with something, toys are a better idea!

What kind of babybel cheese can cats eat?

There are multiple types of babybel cheeses, and your cat will be able to handle the ones who have the least ingredients in it. For example, the classic variant is okay – but anything with a nut flavor or mixed with onions should be off-limits.

The key to picking the right babybel cheese is the same as you would with any other cat treat. Pick things that are dairy-free and that have no extra stuff in it. If you’re not sure about which one to pick, ask your vet for help.

How much babybel cheese can cats eat?

When you first give babybel cheese to your cat, start with tiny pieces. Wait a couple of days before you do it again. See how your cat reacts to the cheese. After you know your cat doesn’t get sick from it, you can use bigger pieces – but not that big!

Keep in mind cats eat way less than humans do – what seems like a small piece of babybel cheese for us is huge for them!

Try not to turn eating babybel cheese into a daily habit for your cat – and watch its weight when you introduce new treats. If your cats get too big, it’s time to cut back!

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