How do cats act when you’re pregnant?

How do cats act when you’re pregnant?

As long as you don’t treat your cat any different, your cat will try to figure out what you need and give it to you. Unfortunately, sometimes cats can act up out of jealousy when you’re pregnant. You will need to pay attention to both your baby and your cat!

More likely than not, your cat will be more than happy that you’re pregnant. There’s that odd time when a cat will act up as a response to your pregnancy (spraying on your walls, walking away from you, and ignoring you) – and that’s when you need to show your love with cuddles and treats.

Keep in mind the better you treat your cat during your pregnancy, the more willing your cat will be to accept your baby. It’s important to love your cat during this time!

Can cats sense when you’re pregnant?

Cats can definitely sense when you’re pregnant. These animals are way more perceptive than we are – and they can sense a change in your posture, mood, vocal tone, and body chemistry. Your cat will probably know you’re pregnant before you do!

The fact that your cat knows something has changed doesn’t necessarily mean that it knows you’re pregnant – but it will react accordingly. If your cat feels you need more affection than usual, it will rub against you to provide that for you. If it senses you need some space, it will back off.

After a while, it’ll be obvious to your cat that you’re pregnant – but that doesn’t mean your cat will need any less attention! Cats love their routine, try to keep it intact as much as possible.

Does a cat’s behavior change when you’re pregnant?

A cat’s behavior will change around a pregnant woman– but only as a response to how the pregnant woman’s behavior has changed. If things stay the same, the cat’s behavior will stay the same. If the cat is neglected, it will act up as a response.

A cat will do what a cat does no matter the circumstances. If you’re pregnant, that doesn’t change anything for your cat – unless you change first.

Sometimes, you will change without realizing it, but your cat will surely know about it. Keep that in mind if your cat is more loving or distant when you’re pregnant!

Are cats bad for pregnant women?

Cats aren’t bad for pregnant ladies – it’s the other way around! If you don’t neglect your cat during your pregnancy, your cat will return the love with more affection. The only problem can come from toxoplasmosis – but you will be safe from it if you take the necessary precautions.

The one thing pregnant ladies need to be aware of when it comes to cats is toxoplasmosis, a disease transmitted via cat feces. Bear in mind this is only a problem 24 hours after your cat paid a visit to the litter box. If you clean the box every day, there’s nothing to worry about!

You should use gloves and a shovel to dispose of feces to avoid any issues with this disease. Or, better yet, ask someone else to do it for you. On average, 40% of women are immune to toxoplasmosis, but precautions are mandatory.

Other than that, make sure you keep the same routine you did with your cat before you got pregnant. The same love, food, and overall treatment – otherwise, your cat may feel left out and will act out in response. Spraying, hissing, and wreaking havoc are all normal behaviors for a cat that feels left out – and you want none of that!

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