Can cats eat nori?

Can cats eat nori?

There’s no problem with your cat eating nori – as long as it’s nori by itself. If you’re thinking about feeding your cat a piece of nori that was mixed with rice or raw fish, it’d be better if you tried something else. Nori alone is okay, though!

Nori is a seaweed most commonly used for making sushi. You can buy it by itself or you can get it when you buy pieces of sushi. This seaweed will not harm your cat by itself, but it can bring trouble if it’s mixed with potentially-dangerous stuff.

If you want to give nori to your cat, do so with pieces that weren’t used to make sushi. Other than that, there’s nothing you should worry about this type of seaweed and cats.

Keep in mind nori should be used as a treat and not a meal.

Is nori good for cats?

Several sources claim nori can prove beneficial for cats. This food has plenty of vitamins and can help animals deworm and prevent worms from forming in their digestive system. Nutrition-wise, it’s not as good as meat is for cats, but it’s not bad as other carbohydrates either.

Nori isn’t necessarily good – but it’s not bad either. If you keep the serving sizes small, it won’t hurt your cat. On the other hand, if you start feeding your cat nothing but nori, your cat will have nutritional issues in the near future.

It’ll work great if you mix other healthy treats along with nori, and make them all work as complements to cat food. If you make sushi once per week and want to give your cat some nori (before it touches the raw fish!), that’s great!

Do cats like nori?

Some cats love nori, others don’t care that much about it. That doesn’t mean your cat won’t like it! Leave a little piece by its side and watch how your cat reacts to figure things out.

Remember, cats are obligate carnivores. If you’re talking about meat, they’ll jump on it right away. Other stuff, like vegetables and grains, is harder to figure out. And nori, being a seaweed, could go either way when it comes to cats liking it

All in all, you can try to feed your cat nori – and if it likes that, great! If not, there are other cat treats you can use.

Can cats eat sushi without nori?

Cats and sushi shouldn’t mix. The only safe part of sushi for a cat to eat is the nori – and taking that out will only leave harmful ingredients for your cat to try. Nori used to make sushi shouldn’t be given to cats either.

Even though popular belief will make you think cats love sushi, the fact is sushi is dangerous for cats. Raw fish can prove toxic for cats and the rice used in sushi is prepared in such a way that can hurt more than it can help.

Nori used to make sushi could be tainted with raw fish or sushi rice, so it’d be better to take a fresh piece of nori if you want to feed it to your cat.

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