Can cats eat funyuns?

Can cats eat funyuns?

Cats shouldn’t eat funyuns or any similar products made out of onions. Onions are extremely dangerous for cats – and funyuns even more so because of the additional ingredients that can make this product even more harmful than onions alone.

Simply put, cats can’t eat funyuns. If you drop one to the floor or see your cat about to eat one, you should make an effort to prevent that from happening. Funyuns (and anything that has onions in it as well) are incredibly dangerous for cats – and that’s something that you should keep far away from your cat.

If you gave funyuns to your cat and nothing happened, don’t think this is a normal scenario. And, more importantly, don’t try it ever again! A cat that doesn’t get sick from funyuns isn’t stronger than other pets, it’s luckier – and luck, sooner or later, tends to run out.

Do cats like funyuns?

Most cats don’t like funyuns and they stay away from them at all times. They may not like the smell of it or they may feel it’s wrong for them to eat such a thing. Either way, cats usually are not interested in funyuns.

The thing about cats is that they are intelligent pets. They know when something is wrong and they know when something will get them in trouble. Funyuns are the definition of trouble for a cat – and, most of the time, they know not to mess with something like that.

That’s not to say you should be overly confident about it! Don’t leave funyuns out in the open for your cat to reach. You may be living with a cat who wants to try onions so bad it might forget how terrible they are for a cat.

All in all, you should know cats don’t like funyuns – but even if they did, you shouldn’t give them one or leave them out in the open!

What should I do if my cat ate funyuns?

If your cat ate funyuns, you need to go to the vet right away. Don’t call him or try to figure out if you can solve the issue at home. The sooner your vet gets to see your cat, the better chance he has of preventing a severe case of onion poisoning.

When it comes to onions and cats, you shouldn’t risk anything. One gram of onions is more than enough to poison a small cat, and two grams will cause real trouble for an average-sized cat. Even a small quantity, below the one gram of onions per five pounds of cat’s body weight, can bring real trouble for your cat.

Cats are not biologically capable of digesting onions, and any small amount can cause onion poisoning. This disease will break down a cat’s blood cells and trigger anemia in its body. Because there’s such a big danger coming from eating onions, the right move is taking the cat to the vet right away, even if your cat shows no symptoms yet.

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