Can cats eat gummy bears?

Can cats eat gummy bears?

Cats shouldn’t eat gummy bears. If you think giving one to your cat won’t hurt, think again! They are nothing but sugar and artificial flavoring. Your cat should have nothing to do with either ingredient. Fruit is bad for a cat – and fruit-flavored candy is worse.

Giving gummy bears to a cat is similar to giving it a spoonful of sugar, plain and simple. If your cat decides to eat it, it’ll be nothing but trouble for your cat.

Candy will cause stomach issues and will rot your cat’s teeth as nothing else will. What’s more, gummy bears can prove to be a choking hazard for cats. And even if your cat manages to eat a gummy bear, it probably didn’t enjoy any of it, because most cats can’t taste sweet things.

All in all, your cat can be put in danger if it tries to eat a gummy bear, something your cat won’t be able to enjoy – it’s a risky move that brings no benefit!

Can cats eat sugar-free gummy bears?

If sugar is a problem for cats, they can eat sugar-free gummy bears, right? Wrong! Sugar-free gummy bears cause as much trouble as regular ones, if not even more. They can cause lots of stomach issues for cats – and even for humans.

Sugar-free gummy bears’ manufacturers replace sugar with chemicals that imitate sweet flavor. Most of these chemicals aren’t really tested for pet consumption and they should be dealt with extreme caution.

For example, one of the better known sugar-free gummy bears, the Haribo gummy bears, can cause a laxative effect on humans. If you eat more than five of them, you’re bound to have stomach trouble – imagine what would happen if a cat eats one of those!

Even if the sugar-free gummy bears were okay for cats to eat, they still have the same problems regular gummy bears do: they provide no nutritional value, they are possible choking hazards, and other stuff. They’re not worth it either!

Do cats like gummy bears?

Some cats seem to like gummy bears, others do not. Oddly enough, cats can’t taste sweet food – and gummy bears are nothing if not sweet. Even if cats cannot taste sweet flavors, some cats will eat a gummy bear if given one. You shouldn’t give gummy bears to cats, though!

You shouldn’t care whether cats like gummy bears or not (even though it’s weird when they do). At the end of the day, you shouldn’t feed gummy bears to your cat!

What should I do if my cat eats gummy bears?

If your cat ate a gummy bear, make sure it had no trouble swallowing it. Other than that, there’s not much to worry about. If your cat ate a lot of gummy bears, you may want to call the vet.

On the other hand, if your cat has pre-existing issues, such as diabetes, you may want to check with your vet right away. There’s way too much sugar in gummy bears not to care!

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