Can cats eat guacamole?

Can cats eat guacamole?

Cats should not eat guacamole – not even a little bit! It’s way too dangerous for cats to eat and it gives them no benefits whatsoever. If your cat ate guacamole, make sure you call your vet to see what you should do in this scenario.

Plenty of people love guacamole because of how healthy it is. It’s packed with good fats, a great dose of vitamins, and other stuff you can benefit from. Humans and cats handle food in a different way, though. Your cat will enjoy zero of those benefits.

If your cat had a lick’s worth of guacamole, you shouldn’t worry. But more than one spoon of guacamole can (and, probably, will) cause trouble for your cat – so you should keep an eye out if that happens!

Is guacamole toxic for cats?

Guacamole isn’t inherently toxic but it’s definitely problematic. Depending on what ingredients you use to make guacamole, you can give your cat stomach trouble or go as far as to give it a serious health condition. Don’t let your cat eat it!

The problem here is the sheer amount of ingredients guacamole has that will cause trouble one way or another. Cats can’t eat tomatoes, onions, or garlic. They can’t have too much salt or olive oil either.

And it has one too many calories for an average-sized cat! 5 spoons’ worth of guacamole is more than enough to meet a cat’s daily caloric intake.

On another note, guacamole is known for its high fiber content. A little bit of it can make a cat have a serious case of diarrhea for days on end.

Are there any cat-friendly guacamole recipes?

Unfortunately for cats, most ingredients guacamole has are dangerous. Onions alone can prove poisonous – and the rest of the ingredients don’t help either. If you start removing ingredients to make cat-friendly guacamole, you’ll end up with nothing.

There are countless of other cat-friendly recipes for you to try. Some of them are tasty for both cats and humans – but guacamole is definitely not one of them. If you want to share a meal with your little pet, you need to try something with more meat and fewer ingredients.

If you’re interested in making a sauce for your cat to have, try a cat-friendly gravy sauce! It’s not guacamole, but at least it’s something different for your cat to enjoy.

Can cats eat avocados?

Cats can have as much avocado as they can have guacamole – which means, they can have none of it. Avocado has persin in it. Even though it’s not poisonous for cats (it is for other pets), it’ll cause enough problems to put it under the forbidden list.

Avocado is the main ingredient in guacamole, so it’s no surprise cats cannot eat it. But, unlike guacamole, avocado has a problematic texture for cats: it can be a choking hazard.

On rare occasions, cats will have to undergo emergency surgery to remove pieces of avocado stuck in their throat. It’s definitely a no-go!

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