Can cats eat flan?

Can cats eat flan?

Your cat should not eat flan. This desert has three main ingredients: eggs, sugar, and milk. Your cat may be able to handle the first one, but the other two are definitely bad stuff for any kitten. Milk alone is enough to cause some trouble for your cat.

Flan is off-limits for all cats. Most cats are lactose intolerant, and the milk content in a flan is more than enough to cause all sorts of digestive issues. Even if your cat is lucky enough to be able to digest dairy, the sugar content is terrible for it!

There are several sugar-free, dairy-free flan alternatives – but your cat can’t have any of them either! Flans that are sugar-free often feature xylitol, which is toxic for cats and more problematic than sugar is.

If your cat wants a desert, it’ll have to choose something other than flan!

Can cats eat caramel?

No cat should be anywhere near caramel. Caramel is nothing but sugar. Sometimes, it’s nothing but sugar and butter. Both are bad for cats – and also a source of one too many empty calories for them. Sometimes, caramel also features milk, and that’s a worst-case scenario!

If a little bit of caramel dropped out of your flan and into the floor, you should try your best to clean everything before your cat rushes over there! If your cat was quicker than you, you don’t have to worry if it ate a little bit of caramel.

Even though candy is terrible for cats, a lick’s worth of caramel isn’t going to do much damage. It’d be a completely different scenario if your cat went headfirst into your plate and enjoyed a day’s worth of caramel – but that probably isn’t going to happen!

Do cats like flan?

Cats are probably attracted to the butter aspect of both flan and caramel. They cannot taste everything flan has to offer, as they can’t taste sweet things. Even if they cannot experience sweet flavors, most cats will try to eat flan!

Will your cat try to eat flan? Definitely! Will your cat like it? There’s no way to know. Should you try to find out? Absolutely not! Cats and flans shouldn’t mix at all. Otherwise, your cat may face some digestive trouble.

Best-case scenario, if your cat ate a handful of flan, you’re going to be looking at a nasty litter box for quite a while. Worst-case scenario, a rush visit to the vet.

What should I do if my cat eats flan?

You’ll have to react depending on whether your cat had a lot or a little flan. A little flan will not hurt your cat that much – but you should be on the lookout for any sign of trouble. A lot of flan is worthy of a visit to the vet.

A little flan or too much flan, that’s not what’s important. You should pay attention to how your cat reacts to it. If vomiting, diarrhea, or similar symptoms arise, you should contact your vet. If nothing happened after 24 to 36 hours, your cat is probably safe from danger.

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