Can cats eat corn flakes?

Can cats eat corn flakes?

Cats shouldn’t eat cornflakes – but a couple of them won’t hurt that much. It’s in your best interest (and your cat’s) to keep the cornflakes away from your cat, just in case. You shouldn’t worry about your cat eating one or two, though, but you shouldn’t enable that behavior either.

At the end of the day, assume cats and corn flakes don’t mix. Let your cat enjoy cat food, the occasional cat treat, and, if there’s a special occasion on the horizon, cook a little plain meat for your cat to enjoy. Corn flakes aren’t good nor that tasty for cats, so why risk it?

Do cats like corn flakes?

Your cat could be interested in corn flakes and will be happy to eat a couple of them if it’s hungry – but they probably prefer meat and other savory stuff. Unlike most people, your cat will prefer sugar-free cornflakes to the other kind.

The most famous brands of corn flakes are filled with sugar – and most cats can’t really taste them. Because of that, we can probably guess cats are more of a sugar-free corn flake kind of pet. Truth be told, they’re more of a meat kind of pet, as corn flakes aren’t that tasty for cats.

What happens if I feed my cat corn flakes?

If your cat isn’t used to eating corn flakes, it may have some trouble digesting it. That could lead to vomiting or diarrhea. Other than that, there’s not too much to worry about. Remember your cat isn’t supposed to be used to eating cereal, so watch out if it does!

Cats have a weird relationship when it comes to cereal. Some cats have no problem with it, others will have a rough time after one bite. You shouldn’t try to figure out where your cat is standing when it comes to cereal, though. It’d be better if you assume the worst and carry on.

If your cat had a couple of corn flakes, there’s no need to rush to the vet. Be sure to keep the corn flakes box away from your cat next time!

Will my cat get sick from eating corn flakes?

Digestive issues could be one of the many issues your cat will face from eating corn flakes. On a long-term basis, cat obesity will be a problem as well. One corn flake won’t hurt, plenty of them mean trouble for your cat.

Cats are not made to eat and digest corn – and corn flakes are an even worse option for them. The thing about corn flakes is what it’s made of and the additional things it has. More often than not, corn flakes are made of corn and sugar – and both those things shouldn’t be part of a cat’s diet.

Simply put, cats will, one way or the other, get sick from eating cornflakes. Whether that sickness comes from a couple of days’ worth of stomach issues or a long bout of obesity, that’s another subject – but both scenarios are possible!

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