Can cats eat flapjacks?

Can cats eat flapjacks?

As long as there are no bad things in it, your cat can have a little piece of a flapjack. Keep in mind flapjacks are mostly made out of grains – and cats aren’t suited to digest big amounts of carbohydrates. A little piece is okay, too much of it isn’t.

You probably know cats need meat to live. Unlike us, they can eat nothing but meat for their entire life and have no issue with it. Vegetables, grains, and other carbohydrates aren’t necessary for cats – and sometimes they can be lethal.

Flapjacks are mostly grains, sugar, and butter. This kind of flapjack is okay, as long as you skip the syrup. Anything beyond that probably isn’t. Then again, it’d be better if your cat had no flapjacks at all!

If you’re going to let your cat eat flapjacks, make sure it’s a little, tiny piece. Flapjacks have a lot of calories in them!

Do cats like flapjacks?

Your cat is probably not that interested in flapjacks. Cats love savory stuff, preferably meat. Sweet things aren’t their thing – and they can’t probably taste sweet flavors at all. If you offer a piece of your flapjack to a cat, it may walk away from it.

Keep in mind cats will always surprise you one way or the other. You may believe all cats dislike flapjacks only to find out your cat loves them. If you feel like it, give it a try and let your cat have a little taste of a flapjack. You never know what will happen!

Make sure you’re not too confident about your cat not liking flapjacks, though. A hungry cat will go on scavenger mode and look for any source of nutrition, flapjacks included. If you leave them out in the open, there’s a chance your cat will eat them.

What are some cat-friendly flapjacks?

Homemade flapjacks are your safest bet when it comes to cats. Most store brands have sugar, chocolate, dairy, and all kinds of ingredients that will hurt your cat in one way or the other. If you want your cat to eat flapjacks, you should make them yourself.

The best flapjack recipe for cats would be one that has as little stuff as possible. Oats, a dash of butter, and nothing else. No sugar and no syrup is recommended; no chocolate, no dairy, and no dried fruits is mandatory.

If you’re going for store-bought flapjacks, make sure you read the ingredients list twice. Most brands put a lot of stuff in their flapjacks – and most of that stuff isn’t necessarily cat-friendly.

Other than that, make sure your cat can digest the flapjacks with no problem. Even though your cat can eat flapjacks, that doesn’t make it absolutely okay for your cat to do so. Cats usually have a hard time digesting cereals – and flapjacks are mostly made out of oatmeal and similar stuff.

If your cat has a hard time going to the litter box after eating flapjacks, you should take this item off of its diet.

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