Can cats eat baba ganoush?

Can cats eat baba ganoush?

Cats shouldn’t eat baba ganoush. There are too many troubling ingredients for cats in it. The most important ones – and probably more damaging ones – are eggplant and the many spices featured in this dish. Meals like this one are bound to harm a cat’s digestive system.

If you let your cat have some baba ganoush, it’ll probably end up with an irritated stomach – which will probably lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and other nasty symptoms that no cat (or rather, nobody) wants to go through.

Baba ganoush is often advertised as a healthy Middle Eastern dish. And it could be exactly that for humans – but when it comes to cats, not so much. The amount of garlic alone could cause enough trouble in a cat that’ll make you have to rush to the vet in the middle of the night.

Always remember that what’s healthy for us isn’t necessarily healthy for cats!

Why can’t a cat eat spices?

Cats are obligate carnivores. They are made to hunt or scavenge, and they always do so for meat. Spices were never part of a cat’s diet (or any other feline for that matter) and because of that their stomach isn’t used to spices or similar stuff.

This doesn’t mean spices are inherently bad or that spicy food is unhealthy, not at all. Humans have a different digestive system from cats.

If we ate nothing but meat, we’d end up sick all the time. Cats, on the other hand, have no trouble if they eat nothing but meat – in fact, they thrive on that kind of diet.

There are a couple of meals both cats and humans can share, though. Spicy ones are simply not one of those meals.

Can cats eat eggplants?

Eggplants are not necessarily deadly to cats – but they could be. They have more than enough problematic parts to put a cat in trouble. It’s best to keep eggplants away from cats – especially if they are raw.

If your cat took a bite off of your eggplant, pay attention to how its day goes. If your cat starts puking or goes one too many times to the litter box, you may want to call the vet to rule out any possibility of poisoning.

Vegetables are dangerous for cats most of the time. On the odd occasion they are not deadly, they are simply uninteresting for cats. Try to keep veggies away from cats at all times.

Can cats eat olive oil?

Olive oil is safe for cats to eat – but only in moderation! You have to consider how caloric dense olive oil is and how few calories a cat needs every day. There’s nothing wrong with a dash of olive oil in your cat’s food every now and then, though.

Cats can eat olive oil as it’s not toxic for them. In fact, it has plenty of health benefits for them. Beware of how much cats can get to like olive oil, though. For some reason, some cats love it – but don’t allow yours to overindulge!

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