Can cats drink red bull?

Can cats drink red bull?

No, like most other energy drinks Red Bull is terrible for cats and there’s no reason why your cat should drink it. Caffeine alone is enough to make Red Bull dangerous for cats – and if it wasn’t enough, its other dangerous ingredients are dangerous too.

Caffeine, sucrose, glucose, and a bunch of other stuff is terrible for cats – and these are the main ingredients in a Red Bull. Only two of Red Bull’s ingredients won’t hurt a cat, taurine and water. That’s how bad it is for cats!

Bear in mind a little bit of it won’t hurt. It’s not like a little sip will kill your cat right away. If your cat took a 100m rush towards an unattended can and licked the top of it, you don’t have to panic. Try to make sure Red Bull cans are off-limits for cats, though.

Is Red Bull a good source of taurine for cats?

Cats need taurine for a lot of things, it helps with their vision, their heart, and a few other things – but drinking Red Bull is definitely the wrong way for a cat to get taurine in their system. There are plenty of taurine-rich, healthy alternatives like beef and lamb.

Taurine is absolutely necessary for cats. It helps for a lot of things, one too many to mention them all. Simply put, taurine helps cats function right! And because of that, they need plenty of it to carry on with their day, one that’ll be filled with playing, taking naps, and other important stuff.

Fortunately for cats, meat is a great way to get taurine. And most (if not all) cat food brands have both meat and taurine in their products. Because of that, Red Bull is not necessary for cats to drink; no matter how much taurine there is in every Red Bull can, there’s also a lot of bad things in there.

What should I do if my cat drinks Red Bull?

You have a couple of options depending on how much Red Bull your cat drank. You’ll realize how much your cat had by looking at how it acts: Red Bull has so much caffeine it’ll make your cat go into overdrive instantly. If that’s the case, call the vet.

Red Bull has a lot of things that are really bad for your cat. You already know them all, but caffeine and sugar are the worst culprits there. Cats can’t digest either one of them, and they will definitely have a hard time after drinking Red Bull because of it.

If you suspect your cat had too much Red Bull, call a vet. There’s a high chance your cat will be restless and suffering from anxiety, among other symptoms – so, changing scenarios may not be the best idea right after a Red Bull. You’ll have to wait before taking your cat to the vet.

Once the effects start to subdue, your cat will come down and crash hard. It’ll probably lay down and try to sleep. If it has an upset stomach, it’ll probably purge. You need to give your cat some space, but still pay attention to see what’s going on.

If the symptoms start to worsen or you’re unsure about the situation, go to the vet right away.

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