Can cats drink Kool-Aid?

Can cats drink Kool-Aid?

Cats should never drink Kool-Aid. It’s not that one sip will kill your cat, but it will bring no benefits on a short-term basis. The more Kool-Aid your cat drinks, the more likely it is for something terrible happening, like diabetes. Long-term, Kool-Aid is terrible for cats.

Kool-Aid, and similar sugary drinks, have a lot of calories in them. One serving size worth of Kool-Aid is probably enough to meet a cat’s caloric intake for a day – and it will give your cat no protein, fat, or anything other than sugar!

Because Kool-Aid is nothing but sugar, that means Kool-Aid is nothing but trouble. Even if you take the sugar out of the Kool-Aid, you still have some troubling ingredients, like artificial sweeteners, coloring, and acidic stuff that your cat can’t handle very well.

A cat with a delicate stomach will purge Kool-Aid right away. After that, an upset stomach and diarrhea is a huge possibility. Nothing good can come from cats drinking sugary drinks.

Simply put, Kool-Aid is a no-go. Cats will reap no benefits from it – but they will get plenty of issues for drinking it.

Do cats like Kool-Aid?

It’s hard to believe cats can taste Kool-Aid let alone like to drink it. The thing with cats and sugary drinks is that they are unable to taste sweet flavors, and these types of drinks are nothing if not sweet. Your cat will have a better time drinking water instead!

You know cats can’t taste Kool-Aid – so you’re trying to figure out why certain cats try to drink it anyway.

When it comes to Kool-Aid, and other brands of soda and sugary drinks, you should know cats will drink it because of its novelty aspect. It’s different from what they always have, so that makes it interesting!

Truth be told, it’s likely that cats can probably taste something out of Kool-Aid. It may not be the overwhelming sweetness it has in it, but that fruity punch that hides underneath instead. Or maybe they just like the colors.

Should I take my cat to the vet if it drank Kool-Aid?

You shouldn’t take your cat to the vet if it drank Kool-Aid. Your cat probably didn’t drink enough to cause any trouble – and even if it did drink a large amount, cats usually purge this kind of stuff. Don’t worry, your cat will deal with this on its own!

Keep in mind cats will deal with a Kool-Aid situation on their own if it’s an isolated incident. If you’ve been giving Kool-Aid to your cat for a long time, you should go to the vet for a check-up.

Long-term Kool-Aid consumption will rot your cat’s teeth, harm its stomach, and can cause diabetes. It’s exactly the same as with humans, but at a much faster rate. A vet will help you fix this situation, and will give you medication for your cat if it, unfortunately, has diabetes.

For these reasons alone cats shouldn’t drink Kool-Aid. Water is more than enough for them!

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