Can cats eat baby tomatoes

Can cats eat baby tomatoes?

Cats can eat baby tomatoes as long as they’re ripe. Anything green on baby tomatoes can prove harmful for cats and most household pets. Whether the green part comes from an unripe baby tomato or a stem, it doesn’t matter – it’s a no-go for cats.

Now, the question is, should you feed your cat baby tomatoes? The answer is probably not. Or, better yet, why risk it?

If you miss on removing the greenish bits of a tomato, your cat could end up intoxicated. If you forget about removing the stem, you have the same issue. It’s not worth it! It’s a big hassle for a piece of food that doesn’t benefit cats at all.

Do cats like baby tomatoes?

Cats aren’t fans of fruits and veggies – and don’t really care for baby tomatoes either. They may nibble on it for the sake of it, but if they have to choose between tomato and a T-bone steak, they’ll go for the steak every time.

Not all cats are made equal, though. You may know the one cat who loves baby tomatoes – and that’s normal too! Make sure the cat doesn’t eat them, though. Baby tomatoes (and any other kind) are way more trouble than they are worth, at least for cats.

At the end of the day, cats may like tomatoes, but tomatoes don’t like cats!

Will baby tomatoes hurt cats?

Nine times out of ten, you will have no problems if you give baby tomatoes to a cat. Then again, you may find yourself in that last spot where tomatoes could prove dangerous. Unripe tomatoes are dangerous and so is their stem. That’s where the risk is at.

Unripe baby tomatoes are a problem for cats – as long as they eat them. Most cats won’t even touch a tomato, but that doesn’t mean you should leave baby tomatoes near a cat.

You may find yourself living with a hungry or a curious cat who has no issue with trying something new, like a tomato. That’s why you should keep tomatoes out of your cat’s sight – better safe than sorry!

If your cat happened to nibble on a baby tomato, there’s no need to rush to the vet just yet. Wait and see how the situation plays out. Your cat may feel some discomfort for a day or two. If it gets worse, call a vet.

What should I do if my cat ate a baby tomato?

Even though baby tomatoes are rather small, that doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous for cats. If your cat managed to chew through an entire baby tomato, call your vet and keep an eye on your cat. If they were ripe, there’s nothing to worry about.

When it comes to cats, baby tomatoes are considered more dangerous than normal tomatoes. And that’s because baby tomatoes are smaller – and cats can eat them in one single bite.

You should keep them away from your cat – and, if your cat manages to reach them, watch out for tummy trouble.

If your cat ate one, check if the other baby tomatoes were ripe or not. If most of them were greenish, a quick call to the vet may be necessary. If they were ripe, you’re probably out of trouble.

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