Can cats eat barbecue sauce?

Can cats eat barbecue sauce?

Even though barbecue sauce won’t significantly harm your cat, it’s better not to risk it. Most people love barbecue sauce and all things BBQ, and most cats find it tasty too, but as a cat owner you have to put responsibility before taste – and protect your cat from harmful foods.

Who doesn’t love barbecue sauce? That sweet taste that has a little punch in it. It’s no surprise that cats love it too. Especially when you consider most barbecue sauce goes along with meat.

Unfortunately, barbecue sauce doesn’t sit right in a cat’s tummy. A dash of this sauce could upset your cat’s stomach and provoke diarrhea, vomiting, and other nasty stuff.

If your cat had a little bit of barbecue sauce, there’s nothing to worry about. You should keep the litter box clean because it’s probably going to get used more than usual. Other than that, no worries!

Why is barbecue sauce bad for cats?

The problem with barbecue sauce is its ingredients. Most of them don’t sit right with cats. Several brands have onions in them, and that alone could prove toxic for cats. Onions are as troublesome as the high sugar content most barbecue sauces have too.

How bad the barbecue sauce is depends on its ingredients. Basic barbecue sauce is nothing but ketchup, salt, vinegar, sugar, and mustard. And that’s not that bad for cats. But others have spices, onions, and other toxic stuff for cats.

Whether you have the regular version or an alternative one, keep your cat away from it. That’s the safest choice!

Do cats like barbecue sauce?

It’s quite possible that your cat loves barbecue sauce. Cats love meat and anything related to it. We can only imagine how much they like something as delicious as barbecue sauce – especially when it’s on meat! Unfortunately, love it or not, they can’t have it.

Cats love meat. They are obligate carnivores, this means meat is the most important thing in their diet. So, when they smell BBQ food mixed with barbecue sauce they won’t hesitate to take a bite.

Outside of cat food, your cat should only eat lean meat with no sauce. That way, your cat will avoid any possible issues related to stomach aches or intoxication.

What should I do if my cat ate barbecue sauce?

First thing first, don’t panic! A little barbecue sauce won’t kill your cat, but it may make it feel sick. Pay close attention to your cat and how it reacts. You’ll have to get plenty of fresh water to avoid dehydration and keep the litter box clean.

If you sense something is wrong, take your cat to the vet, no questions asked. Whether the emergency is about barbecue sauce or something else, that’s always the rule. Other than that, simply pay attention and see what happens.

Remember, fresh water is a must. Barbecue sauce will make any human feel more thirst than usual – and it can dehydrate a cat. Make sure there’s plenty of water available for your cat.

If your cat doesn’t like to drink water (there are a few out there), mix its meals with a little bit of water or serve wet food for the next couple of days, just in case.

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