Will cats share a litterbox?

Will cats share a litter box?

Multiple cats can share one litter box – but it’s not recommended for you to own just one. There are two reasons behind that: first, you definitely don’t want to clean one big litter box, as they will fill up fast; second, cats are rather territorial with things like that.

One big litter box may get the job done, but you should use that space to put two small litter boxes there. Even if you don’t think there’s a difference there, the cats will know.

Even if you have one cat, you should consider owning two litter boxes as well – but place them in different spots. Your cat will appreciate it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about you and the cats you own. Figure out what works for both you and your little friends.

How do you make a cat share a litter box?

Most of the time, multiple cats can share one litter box with no issue whatsoever. Then again, you could face the possibility of one territorial cat who doesn’t want to share no matter what – and that’s a trait you have to train out of your cat.

If you adopted a litter-box-territorial cat, you can fix this. You’ll have to use two litter boxes at first. One for your territorial cat, the other for everyone else.

Leave one litter box in a common area and the second box in a private room for your territorial cat alone. After a while, let other cats wander into the private room. Some may use the litter box, some may not. If fights start again, repeat the process.

Keep both boxes available for all cats after that. This technique is used to reduce infighting between your cats, not to get them all crowded in one litter box.

How many cats can use one litter box?

The rule is one litter box per cat. Each cat should have one litter box with another one to spare. If you own a lot of cats, this may not be possible. Don’t worry! You can try to make your cats share – but don’t crowd the boxes.

If you need to cut short, try to have one litter box for every two cats you have. This should be treated as an exemption and not a rule, though!

Keep in mind cats will be stressed out without a quiet place to do their business. Do your best to follow the one litter box per cat rule, even if you have to put several small litter boxes one next to the other.

How many litter boxes should I get?

You should own two litter boxes if you have one cat alone, and 1.5 litter boxes per cat if you have multiple pets. Even though cats can share litter boxes, it’s better to let them have their alone time in private.

Having three litter boxes if you own two cats (or eight if you own five cats, etc.) will prevent any infighting between your pets and will also allow you to clean things up a little faster.

Keep in mind this is nothing but a rule of thumb; sometimes, two litter boxes for one cat isn’t necessary – but sometimes it is.

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