Will cats keep snakes away

Will cats keep snakes away?

There’s a big chance having one or more cats around will keep snakes away. Keep in mind you can drive a few snakes away; if you have a snake infestation going on, there’s no cat in the world that can help you – that’s a job for pest control!

Cats and snakes do not get along. If they cross paths, things can get ugly. But that doesn’t mean adopting an army of cats will keep snakes away. You may end up with fewer cats than before, as snakes start to win the battle – because that’s a possibility too!

A cat can help keep snakes away, but that’s not a definitive solution. If snakes are a real issue for you, you need to use better methods to keep them away.

Removing food supplies, eliminating hiding places, and deploying natural products that scare snakes away are all better options than relying on a cat.

Should I let my cat hunt snakes?

You should not let your cat run around chasing snakes. There’s a chance your cat kills a snake – but there’s also a big chance a snake injures your cat. You could also be dealing with poisonous snakes, and there’s no chance your cat walks out of that unharmed.

Not only you shouldn’t let your cat hunt snakes, but you should also keep your cat as far away from wild snakes as possible. Your cat may succeed in hunting a couple of snakes if it’s lucky, but the longer you let it happen, the worse it could end.

And it’s not even a sure thing that a cat will hunt down a snake. It may be curious and play with it for a while, only to drop it all together before anyone is harmed. Or your cat may be completely uninterested and pay no attention to snakes.

What happens if my cat goes out hunting snakes?

Your cat could kill a couple of snakes and come back unscathed. It may even solve your snake problem – but the entire thing could also become a problem for your cat. Snakes are no joke and a worthy opponent, especially for house cats.

If you want to let someone hunt down snakes, it should be the pest control guys you hire. Cats are not supposed to deal with such a threat, especially if we’re talking about domesticated cats. Your cat could come back injured or worse, poisoned.

How do cats attack snakes?

Cats are no strangers to the hunt. They have sharp teeth and deadly claws they can and will use against snakes. Usually, cats will first bat at the snake’s head and then finish it off by biting its neck and breaking it off.

The ideal scenario is a clean fight with little to no effort coming from your cat. That’s not always what happens, though. Your cat could end up in a tough fight – and it may even come out on the losing side.

At the end of the day, your cat should claw at scratching posts and bite its toys instead of snakes!

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