Which cats are hypoallergenic?

Which cats are hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. There are cat breeds who are less problematic than others when it comes to allergies, but nothing other than that. If you’re allergic, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce your symptoms!

Even though there are no hypoallergenic cats, you can still adopt one if you play your cards right. You should find a cat breed that sheds little hair and produces the least amount of Fel d 1 protein.

You should also keep your cat away from your bedroom and wash your hands after petting it. That will reduce your chances of suffering from allergies.

What’s the best cat for someone with allergies?

The Bengal cat, the Siamese cat, the Burmese cat, and the Sphynx cat are the best options for allergic people who want to adopt a cat. None of them are hypoallergenic cats (such a thing doesn’t exist) but they are rather close to being that way!

No matter what cat breed you’re going to adopt, try to look for one that has a thin coat of fur. The less shedding you get to see, the better. If your cat starts to shed a lot, prevent the hair from running wild all over the place by brushing your cat often and vacuuming what you couldn’t brush.

What’s the reason behind cat allergies?

All cats produce several proteins that could provoke allergies. These proteins are called Fel d 1, Fel d 4, and Fel d 7. Fel d 1 is the most prominent allergenic, as it’s believed to cause more than 96% of cat allergies. Cats secrete these proteins through their glands.

The different proteins make their way out to the world through glands in the cat’s body. Then, the proteins stick to fur, skin, saliva, and more. When an allergic person comes in contact with any of that, they’ll start to sneeze and show other allergic symptoms.

Can you live with a cat if you’re allergic?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t adopt a cat if your allergies are not that serious, as long as you take enough preemptive measures. The best strategy would be to adopt a cat with little fur and to keep a high level of hygiene to avoid facing any issues.

Unfortunately, there’s no way you won’t experience a few symptoms every once in a while. All you have to do is ask if adopting a cat is worth it even if you are allergic. Most of the time, allergies aren’t that bad anyways!

How can I stop being allergic to cats?

There’s not much you can do to stop being allergic. You can treat the symptoms, which is something you should discuss with an allergist. You can also take care of your cat hair regularly to avoid allergies as much as you can.

The best strategy would be to talk with an allergist to keep the allergies at bay when they happen. That combined with routinely vacuuming your house, brushing your cat, and washing your hands could reduce your allergies to an all-time low!

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