Can cats eat strawberries?

Can cats eat strawberries?

Cats can eat strawberries with no problem whatsoever. In fact, many cats enjoy strawberries even though they can’t really taste the sweetness of it all. Nevertheless, strawberries are great healthy treats for cats. Both fresh and frozen strawberries are okay.

Keep in mind everything is good in moderation. If your cat has a taste for strawberries, make sure it eats its cat food first – and strawberry deserts second!

Do strawberries hurt cats?

Strawberries aren’t bad for cats – it’s the complete opposite! Strawberries are one of the few fruits a cat can eat, handle, and benefit from. This fruit has important vitamins and other micronutrients a cat needs. It does have high sugar content, and too much of it can prove harmful.

Strawberries are far from dangerous to cats. In moderation, they are a healthy treat most cats can enjoy – unless the cat proves to be allergic. Before adding strawberries to your cat’s diet, check with your vet.

If the vet clears it, your cat should have no trouble eating a piece of strawberry every now and then.

If your cat has eaten a strawberry when you weren’t looking, there’s no need to rush to the vet. Make sure you keep an eye on your cat, and if there are no side-effects in 24 hours, there’s nothing to worry about!

How should I give strawberries to cats?

You should prepare strawberries the same way you do any other fruit. Wash it, remove the leaves and stem, and plate it someway. For cats, the best way to plate it is to cut it into small bits and pieces. That way, your cat will have no trouble eating it.

Remember to remove the stem and leaves! This part is rather important because cats don’t have a digestive system strong enough to deal with that part of the strawberry. If your cat, for some reason, decides to take a bite of that, it could end up with an upset stomach.

Other than a quick prep, there’s not much to do with strawberries. Chop it up and let your cat enjoy! Avoid mixing it up with cream, chocolate, or any other thing, as cats can eat none of that.

How many strawberries should a cat eat?

One strawberry is more than enough for your cat. A strawberry has 33 calories, and cats need around 200 in their everyday diet. You should give your cat less than half a strawberry – otherwise, you risk your cat from losing important nutrients that come from cat food alone.

Every time you consider giving your cat a treat, no matter which one, you have to consider how much cat food your cat has eaten today. If you give your cat so many strawberries that it won’t eat real cat food – that’s when you’ve given it one too many.

Then again, if you’ve given your cat its fair share of cat food and want to give it a little strawberry dessert, there’s no problem there!

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