Can cats eat slim jims?

Can cats eat slim jims?

You shouldn’t give Slim Jims to your cat. Even a tiny piece of it can bring big trouble for your little furry friend. Slims Jims are made with ingredients that can (and will) hurt a cat’s stomach if they eat it. It can also be a choking hazard!

Cats should stay as far away from Slim Jims as possible. You may think it’s okay to feed your cat this brand of beef jerky because it’s nothing but meat – and you’d be wrong for thinking that!

First of all, beef jerky is not that good for cats. They have way too much sodium in them – just like a Slim Jim does! Second of all, beef jerky and Slim Jims are not the same thing. The second one has plenty of other ingredients, and many of them are harmful to cats.

Do cats like Slim Jims?

Even though there are a few cats that like to eat Slim Jims, most cats will probably stay away from them. They have way too much salt and several spices for them to be tasty for cats. The spices alone will make most cats turn their head away from it.

Yes, all cats love (and need) meat. Everyone knows that! Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that cats love meat – but hate meat prepared the wrong way. When it comes to a cat’s taste, Slim Jims are anything but properly cooked.

Let’s put it this way: you shouldn’t feed your cat Slim Jims, but if you do, you’ll soon see a cat trying to paw the Slim Jim’s flavor off its tongue.

Why are Slim Jims bad for cats?

Slim Jims have plenty of ingredients that are considered toxic or problematic for cats. Too much salt, spices, corn, soy, wheat, and other bad things. When it comes to cooking meat for cats, less is more – and Slim Jims are the complete opposite of that.

Cats have a long list of things they cannot eat. Unfortunately, Slim Jims feature plenty of them in their recipe. A few of these ingredients can cause enough trouble on their own – but all of them combined will sure wreak havoc in your cat’s stomach.

What should I do if my cat eats a Slim Jim?

A little piece of a Slim Jim won’t hurt your cat that much. If that’s the case, make sure there’s plenty of fresh water available, so your cat will be able to wash off all that salt. If your cat had too much of them, call a vet right away.

If your cat managed to steal a little bit of your Slim Jim, don’t worry. Worst comes to worst, your cat will suffer from diarrhea and perhaps vomiting.

On the other hand, if your cat ate a serving size’s worth of a Slim Jim or more, you should call the vet. This type of food has plenty of ingredients to poison a cat – and it could cause enough problems to be lethal. Don’t worry, though. The vet will be able to handle this problem right away!

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