Can cats eat hedgehog food?

Can cats eat hedgehog food?

It’d be better if your cat didn’t eat hedgehog food. Your cat needs cat food – and that’s what it should get! A one-time’s worth of your cat eating hedgehog food won’t hurt, but it’s better not to create bad habits.

Whenever you can, make sure you feed cat food to your cat. Avoid hedgehog food or other pet food that’s not made for cats. That way, you’ll know your cat is getting the best food it can get!

Do cats like hedgehog food?

Most cats will stay away from hedgehog food – but there’s always that odd one out that has no trouble eating anything it finds! Your cat will probably like hedgehog food if it has a lot of protein in it. Otherwise, it won’t even bother.

Cats go after meat. No matter where it is. If dog food has plenty of meat, your cat will go for it. If hedgehog food has plenty of meat, your cat will go for it. Hedgehogs are carnivores, so your cat will at least sniff that type of food to see what’s up.

Most hedgehog food doesn’t have as much protein as cat food. More likely than not, your cat will stay away from it. You never know for sure, though!

Is hedgehog food safe for cats?

Depending on the brand and type of hedgehog food that you have, it may or may not be safe for your cat to eat it. It would be better if you made sure your cat stayed away from hedgehog food. It’s always better for a cat to eat cat food!

Oddly enough, several hedgehog owners prefer to feed their pets cat food instead of hedgehog food – that speaks a lot about how safe or good hedgehog food usually is!

As a rule of thumb, it’d be better to consider hedgehog food unsafe.

If you’re worried because your cat ate hedgehog food, don’t panic! Keep an eye on your cat and see if it vomits or has diarrhea. If no bad symptoms arise, your cat is okay. If something bad happens, you need to call a vet and figure out what to do next.

How can I stop my cat from eating hedgehog food?

If your cat keeps trying to eat hedgehog food, your safest bet would be to keep it away from your cat as best as you can. There’s not much you can do when a cat sets its eyes on food, other than distracting it or keeping the food away.

Cats are rather smart. If you keep hedgehog food in hard-to-reach places, they’ll manage a way to get close to it. The best that you can do is feed your hedgehogs whenever you’re around so you can make sure no cat eats that food.

You should also make sure your cat is eating plenty of cat food. If your cat is going after hedgehog food, it may be doing so out of hunger. Sometimes, they do it because they can, though. Don’t overfeed your cat expecting that it’ll stop eating hedgehog food, be smart about it!

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