Can cats eat eggs?

Can cats eat eggs?

Cats can eat eggs every once in a while, but they are in no way a cat food replacement. Even though cats need protein and fat in their diet (and eggs check every box there), they also need certain micronutrients eggs lack. They are a nice treat, though!

If you decide to let your cat have an egg, make sure you cook it the right way. There are two rules: no raw eggs and no eggshells. Follow that, and your cat will have no issue with eggs.

Keep in mind there’s no way to know if your cat will like eggs. You may put it down for them to eat and they’ll simply walk away. It’s up to them to choose!

How many eggs can a cat eat?

Less than a quarter of an egg is more than enough for a cat. On average, cats need 200 calories per day – and an egg has around 90. Because of that, you need to keep portions small when you feed a cat an egg.

Even though one egg is below the caloric needs of a cat, you can’t give a cat two eggs and call it a day. You need to treat eggs as you would any other treat, a little something for your cat to enjoy – but not to replace cat food.

Are eggs good for cats?

Eggs can be good for cats. Their protein and fat will in no doubt benefit a cat. It’s not the staple of a cat’s diet, though. For eggs to be good, they need to be treated as a supplement in a cat’s diet – as it won’t be enough by itself.

Simply put, eggs are good when they work alongside cat food. If eggs replace cat food, they can do more harm than good.

You have to cook eggs right for them to be good. Remember, no raw eggs and no eggshells. With that in mind, you’re good to go.

Can I give a cat scrambled eggs?

Cooking scrambled eggs is a great way to prepare a treat for your cat. Keep in mind you may love scrambled eggs, but your cat may or may not fancy it that much. More likely than not, your cat will enjoy scrambled eggs as much as you do!

Scrambled eggs are a staple in the American diet, and it can be one in cat treats as well. Try to cook it for long enough to avoid any possible issues raw eggs could have.

How should I cook eggs for a cat?

You can cook eggs in any way you want as long as they’ve been in the fire for long enough to avoid any issues such as salmonella. If you’re hard-boiling your eggs, remove the eggshell and double-check it’s all gone before feeding your cat.

Once the egg is cooked, portion it right. Don’t give the full egg to your cat, that’s a lot of food for it alone. Cut a little piece for it to eat – and you can enjoy the rest!

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