Can cats eat adobo?

Can cats eat adobo?

Cats can’t eat adobo. Adobo is a way to conserve raw meat, often pork, in stock. The stock used in adobo is usually a mixture of garlic, vinegar, salt, and a few other spices. Most of the ingredients in adobo stock are dangerous for cats.

If you find a way to cook adobo’s stock without including garlic, spices, and a lot of salt, you’re probably good to go with your cat-friendly adobo recipe.

More likely than not, that recipe does not exist, as adobo needs salt and spices to preserve meat. The very essence of adobo proves dangerous to cats.

Why is adobo bad for cats?

Most ingredients found in adobo recipes are dangerous for cats. Garlic alone is enough to put a cat in a bad place – and that’s not to mention other spices and the high salt content that would be terrible for a cat as well.

Adobo has two parts: raw meat and stock or broth. To cook it properly, you first submerge the meat in the stock and then cook it using a saucepan. The stock is terrible for cats – but the meat isn’t. By mixing the meat in that dangerous stock, the meat becomes problematic for cats too.

The best way to prepare meat in a cat-friendly way is to cook it plain. No sauce, no broth, and no salt. Meat should be cooked! Raw meat is terrible for cats.

Do cats like adobo?

Adobo has too much vinegar and spices for a cat to like it. Adobo’s broth it’s probably too strong to entice cats to eat it. Then again, cats are full of surprises – and one of them may want to give adobo a try. You shouldn’t let them eat it, though!

The thing about adobo is that it’s mostly made of meat – and that’s something cats love. Even though it has more than enough vinegar to keep cats away, some may ignore that part only to get a bite out of the pork or red meat there.

Because of that, you shouldn’t be confident a cat will stay away from adobo by itself, you have to keep it away from cats.

What to do if a cat eats adobo?

Make sure you react depending on how much adobo your cat just had. A little taste is not going to hurt your cat, but call the vet anyway. If your cat ate more than a handful of it, you may want to skip the call and drive to the vet.

The very first thing you want to do is estimate how much adobo your cat had. Once you know, call the vet and explain the situation. Make sure you explain what adobo is and what kind of ingredients it has. Follow your vet instructions and your cat will be safe.

If your vet tells you to stay at home, pay extra attention to your cat. Make sure there’s enough fresh water for your cat to drink. And, finally, don’t disturb your cat. It will have an upset stomach, so, more likely than not, it’ll hide until the pain goes away.

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